Why Should You Try Reformer Pilates Today?

Pilates is in vogue today. We mean this literally; the popular magazine has not stopped its coverage of this fitness regime for the last year and a half. Pilates is slowly edging out many other forms of workout regime. Out of the different exercises available in the Pilates regime, equipment-based Pilates or Pilates reformer equipment is one of the most popular ones.

So, what is Reformer Pilates and why is it touted to be the next best thing.

Reformer Pilates is a form of Pilates regime that is equipment-based. You do all the exercises that center on stretching, balancing, and posture on a piece of equipment made of springs, pulleys, and ropes. It was developed in the 1920s to enable whole-body fitness regimes to be easier for beginners.

Why Pilates Reformer?
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If you are a beginner who is planning to adopt a workout regime to improve your core strength, balance, posture, and overall fitness level, Pilates is the perfect fit for you. The beauty of Pilates is that it is a workout regime that works for people across ages and fitness levels.

  1. 1. Better posture - The Pilates reformer equipment restricts your movements using the ropes, springs, and pulleys. The reformer equipment helps you with your exercises and reinforces the correct postures and movements. Once these become muscle memory, it will be easy for you to maintain the right posture all the time while helping you do all the workouts correctly.
  2. 2. Resistance training - When you work with the Pilates reformer, it is a great way to build core strength. The springs and ropes give you much-needed resistance against your body and allow you to burn calories without a lot of heavy-impact movements. The resistance can be adjusted based on your fitness level and slowly upgraded to challenge yourself as well.
  3. 3. Overall fitness - Pilates is one of the best options for achieving overall physical fitness. The Pilates Reformer provides you the structure and strength to work on the core region of your body. The Pilates reformer enables stretching of the muscles in the stomach, hips, and gluteal regions. You can push yourself and achieve core strength. The reformer is also a great way to improve muscle strength and strengthen your body from any muscle-related injuries in the future.
  4. 4. Focuses the mind - The reformer Pilates demands your undivided attention. Working out in the reformer Pilates sharpens your mind, habituates the breathing techniques, and is an excellent stress reliever.

Pilates Reformer at The PAD

The PAD Fitness is one of the premium Pilates studios in Dubai. The instructors in The PAD are certified in Reformer Pilates and the studio is one of the few places you can try Pilates reformer techniques. Reformer Pilates needs a lot of guidance, and it is best to choose a certified studio to begin your training in the right way.


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