What To Wear To Pilates Class

A Pilates class can be one of the most rewarding exercises when it comes to health and fitness. Not only do you improve the balance of your body, but you also become stronger and more agile.

Considering that you are new to the world of Pilates and have just enrolled for a Pilates class in Dubai, the one question that might be bothering you is, “What to wear for the Pilates class?” Surely you would not want to look out of place on your first day!

But relax! We are here to end your search. Here, you will get to know all that is required when it comes to Pilates workout wear. We will guide you as to what you need to wear to a Pilates class, whether it be a Mat one or a Reformer one.

But first of all.

Why is Pilates workout wear important?

Any kind of workout usually requires fitting clothes, and Pilates is no different. In fact, it is highly important to wear form-fitting clothes when it comes to Pilates as it better helps the instructor gauge your posture and stance and consequently correct you while teaching. Baggy clothes fail to bring out your form properly and are a big no, especially when it comes to Reformer Pilates as they can get caught in the Reformer. In addition to this, form-fitting clothes help you to move faster and in an unrestrained manner.


All the Pilates classes in Dubai recommend you to wear socks with a sole grip to avoid slipping while switching between or holding various postures. Hence there is no need to buy any special kind of shoes separately. But that also doesn’t mean that footwear is not important at all. In fact, the wrong kind of socks can have you slipping around which is bound to result in an injury. Alternatively, you can also decide to go barefoot.

Pilates workout wear for women

One of the major things that women will require for a Pilates class is a sports bra which can greatly help avoid any discomfort while doing the workout. A low-impact sports bra would be sufficient, as Pilates is not a very high-impact sport. Besides this, women can wear leggings coupled with tank tops or other form-fitting tops for maximum comfort and flexibility.

Pilates workout wear for men

Men also need form-fitting clothes in order to be comfortable while doing Pilates. While compression leggings or yoga pants should be sufficient for the lower half of the body, a slim fit t-shirt or a tank top coupled with a cosy hoodie can be ideal for the upper half. Insert sole grip socks into the footwear section and you are ready to go.

Final Words

Many times, people tend to wear the first thing they see to the workout and don’t really pay much attention to the specific clothing that may be required. While this approach may work while doing activities such as jogging, playing, or simply doing exercises outdoors, it is not really the right one to take when it comes to Pilates.

Hence, in order to extract maximum benefits and to enable your body to move comfortably, it is highly advisable that you pay attention to your Pilates workout wear. But, again, who doesn’t like to look good and feel good!