What to Expect From a Trampoline Fitness Class

Everyone loves jumping on a trampoline. Even if you haven’t tried it out yet, we are pretty sure you will grab the opportunity, when presented to you, with both hands. Trampolines can be great sources of fun for kids and adults alike.

But what if we told you that a trampoline can be great for a workout too?

Even though trampoline workouts have been a thing since the 1980s, they weren’t that widespread until a few years ago. Contrary to what they might seem, trampoline workouts are actually low-impact workouts meant to burn calories in an easy and fun way. They are absolutely a full-body workout.

Of course, there will be considerable suspicion and some raised eyebrows when one hears the term “trampoline workout”.

“What if I fall off?”

“What if I twist my ankle?”

Don’t worry. We are here to dispel all your worries so that you can look forward to that trampoline exercise class.

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Things to take care of before going for a trampoline workout

  • Don’t eat an hour before your trampoline class, or you might feel a bit sick during.

  • Before you jump on ANY trampoline ever, remember to do a full body warm up of all your joints. At The PAD, our classes start with a 20 minute warm up starting with the ankles, the shoulders, the core and only then do we start jumping!

  • We don’t just jump up and down, we play music and dance to it! We also wear arm weights on our wrists to make sure our arms get an awesome workout.

  • Trampoline jumping causes lymphatic drainage, which removes bodily waste and strengthens your immunity. You will feel like running a marathon at the end of the class!

  • As with any workout class, always inform your instructor if you have any injuries or aches and pains.

  • Last but not the least, don’t forget to smile and ENJOY! The more fun you have, the easier the workout will seem.

Outfit and Diet

The best kind of preparation you can do before going for any workout session is getting a proper outfit and taking care of your diet. You don’t require any special kind of outfit for trampoline workouts.

Besides this, avoid eating anything at least within 1 hour from the start of the session. This way your body will be light and prepared to do the workout properly.

Going for the jump

When you walk into your trampoline fitness class, you will notice trampolines laid down all over the floor. Now before you hop onto one, make sure you check with the trainer in case you have to remove your shoes and socks. Also, the trainer will guide you in case you need to take any additional equipment.

Considering that you are a newbie, it’s important that you inform the same to your instructor. Professional instructors such as those at The PAD Fitness can walk you through the whole process and dispel any doubts you might have.

What lies at the end?

At the end of a trampoline workout session, you are most likely to walk out with a sweaty but energetic body.

Trampoline classes Dubai

Trampoline classes can be a great way to not just tone your glutes and leg muscles but also work out your entire body. In case you are looking for trampoline fitness classes in Dubai, then The PAD Fitness should be your number one option. This is not just because it has celebrity fitness trainers to guide you but also because it gives you a chance to work out using world-class equipment.

Don’t believe it, check out our Instagram page to get a feel of The PAD Fitness experience. You can also send us an email to know more.