What to Eat Before and After Pilates to Get the Most Out of Your Workout?

If you are someone who actively reads blogs, watches videos on “How to get healthier”, exercise, then you might be aware of a particular fact: You don’t get fitter or healthier just by working out.

Of course, consistently exercising is one of the major ingredients required to form a healthy body, but that’s not all. Your diet is equally important in shaping you up. After all, you can’t just work out in the morning, eat junk all day afterwards, and expect to be healthier.

While incorporating a workout such as Pilates in your fitness regime, you ought to be mindful of what you feed your stomach, both before and after the workout.

The choice of food can vary from person to person depending upon a number of reasons. Hence, there isn’t anyone particular superfood that a person can have to get fit. However, we have got some tips for you that can guide you to a diet that will supplement your workout.

Pilates workout

What to eat and what not to?

Before a class

If you have been to a Pilates class, you will be aware of the amount of stress your stomach and core are going to go through. If you haven’t, well, we’ll advise you to hold on tight for a few days.

Since your core and stomach is worked out to a great extent, it goes without saying that a heavy meal is a strict no before the workout. While you don’t want to be full, you also don’t want to have an empty stomach, that you end up having little energy to spare for the workout.

As we mentioned before, the food you have before the class also depends on the time of the day you go for the workout.

  • In case you go for an early morning Pilates class, you can have the likes of nuts, raisins, and bananas. This will not just fill you up with enough energy to do the workout but also won’t make you too full.
  • If the class is in the afternoon, it will be a good option to have a nice breakfast, up to two hours before the class. This way, your body will get the much-needed fuel, and also have enough time to digest the food properly.
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Here are some of the food products that you can have for breakfast:

  • Eggs and avocado
  • Fruits or salad
  • Fish along with veggies
  • Soup

In case you are fond of taking pre-workout snacks, you can have:

  • Boiled egg
  • Fruits and nuts
  • Smoothie
  • Protein Bar

After the Class

Once your energy resources are depleted in the workout, you are going to need a decent amount of fuel to get back to normal.

Here, it is important that you don’t just give in to your hunger cravings and avoid eating the first thing you find in the kitchen. Since you used up a lot of proteins and fats during the workout, it is important that you eat something that is rich in these two nutrients.

After the Pilates class, you need to give yourself some rest for about 30 minutes. After that, you can go for a protein shake or a smoothie that would be rich in carbs, proteins, and fats.

One of the intriguing and healthier aspects of Pilates is that it keeps your body in a state of lower-level workout even after you are done with the class. Hence, having a mint chocolate chip, chai delight, or any other combination can help your body get replenished.

Pilates classes in Dubai

Not every Pilates studio focuses on diet. Many of them end their responsibility by just teaching a class. Hence, it is important to choose a studio that not just provides you with the best Pilates class in Dubai, but also guides you when it comes to pre and post-workout diet.

The PAD Fitness in Dubai is known for its professionalism and its world-class Pilates and reformer classes. Here, you will find fitness trainers who are not just trained in Pilates but are also well equipped to guide you when it comes to your nutrition. To know more, check out our Instagram page where we provide regular exercise and dietary tips.