Trampoline exercise classes are one of the most fun workout classes. Cardiolates just make this better! You’re focused on form, alignment, breathing, and good posture, all while jumping and dancing to fun BOLLYWOOD or POP Music!!! Trampoline exercises get your heart pumping and strengthen your body at the cellular level while emphasizing proper alignment. CARDIOLATES® is a true trampoline combined Cardio Pilates workout to give you more spring in your step, improve your posture and help you lose weight.

The benefits of this amazing combination of trampoline and Pilates workout include:

  • ● Improves body composition (melts fat!)
  • ● Increases bone density
  • ● Improves blood, lymph and oxygen circulation in the body
  • ● Strengthens the immune system
  • ● Improves balance
  • ● Improves posture (when you focus on rebounding upright!)
  • ● Absorbs impact to the joint relative to typical cardiovascular exercise
  • ● Makes you SMILE because it’s FUN!!!!

CARDIOLATES® is an exciting exercise program which combines the cardiovascular and cellular benefits of rebounding with the core strengthening and postural benefits of Pilates. Pilates effectively strengthens and flattens the abs, lengthens and tones muscles and improves posture, but it fails to provide one important health benefit: cardiovascular activity. Rebounding strengthens the body's musculoskeletal system by providing an increased gravitational load without the impact to the joints that running, jogging or aerobics generates.

Trampoline Exercise Class Dubai

The rebounding technique used in CARDIOLATES® maintains the body's proper alignment and thus the body is strengthened in its OPTIMAL POSTURE. Your deep core muscles engage automatically as they work to keep you upright and thus gain the strength necessary to keep you moving through all your daily activities with beautiful posture. Why overwork one muscle group (as most cardiovascular activities such as treadmills, stairmasters, etc. do) when you can strengthen every cell of your body in perfect alignment with a unique combination of Trampoline class only in Dubai.

You'll finish the class feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and realigned! You'll get a total body workout that is fun, fat-burning and core strengthening. You'll leave the class walking taller with a new bounce in your step. Let’s pick up our gear and let the bouncing begin!