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Consider The Pad and you will not be disappointed

“My wife and I really liked The Pad, because it is “small” (in the most positive of senses) and personal in a sense very unlike Dubai as a whole. Having no prior experience with Pilates at all, here we are getting the right instructions, but also the right push, to get it done and it feels great ( once the muscle aches are gone that is..). So, if you are looking for an anonymous, big city studio, The Pad is not your place. If however you are looking for a place, where doing Pilates feels like exercising with friends, consider The Pad and you will not be disappointed.”

Michael Kramer
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I absolutely love my workouts at The PAD

“Dubai is filled with amazing studios/ gyms/ personal trainers etc and it is everyone’s personal choice to pick any place to work out based on their convenience, trainer preferences and workout plans. These were my personal targets: Improve my body strength and not just lose weight, Get back to healthier lifestyle and focus on core strength while training the body as an integrated whole. I stumbled upon this studio - THEpAd (Yasmin Karachiwala’s Pilates and Dance Studio) located in Greens by chance and went in for 1 trial class. Because I had no idea what and how pilates works!!! I was just #MEH but then what brought me back and why am I reviewing it? Studio: 10/10 – The interior is pretty slick and has positive vibes to it altogether. The way they played with the colors are so inviting and fresh. Customer Relation: 10/10 – If you have not yet met the receptionist, you are missing out on some warm welcome and the upbeat energy that gives you the jive to smile and laugh whenever you are there Trainer: 10/10 - The simple gestures, engagement with all the clients in the 1st class and the way she explained each step as the class went on was pretty impressive. Correct posture is what they preach and practice! Now after gazillion amount of classes, with combination of mat pilates, equipment pilates, private pilates, kick boxing, dance! (yeah even danced when I can hardly remember steps) ;D. I can only say few things, I am grateful : to have met amazing trainers in this studio who not only assisted me with maintaining my workout activities but most importantly helped me with managing my degenerative disc issues and I can say my chiropractor was impressed with the much better flexibility I had in my movement. I am happy : with the cozy warm studio that invites you in with the biggest bright welcome EVERYTIME. I am impressed : with the value I am getting back on the cost I pay for these classes. If you know what total cost of ownership means, then I will say you will get the most here. ”

Pearljeet Kaur
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Great place to workout

“Great place to workout. I have been going to The Pad since last year and I'm just amazed how their fitness programs helped me a lot in reaching my goal. I am a very lazy person but with the sessions they have , i started to love working out. Its more of having fun for me . So if you are looking for funpacked workout classes or sessions, The Pad is the right place for you. I love the staff , the members and everything about this fitness center ❤💕”

Rowena Galingana
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A Happy Client

"I highly recommend Pilates to everyone, any age, and any fitness level. Unlike other exercise regimes, Pilates has strengthened and toned my entire body and gave me great flexibility to balance out my gym routine. My posture is better, my core is stronger and I have flexibility that I didn't think was possible. I go as often as I can and look forward to each class with all their talented instructors. Abbas and Shaazia give The PAD the extra personal touch that makes it a notch above all other Pilates Studios. And the combination of Dance with Pilates just works perfectly! My advice to anyone considering Pilates is try The PAD! Finally… breathe! It really does help get you through the hard parts. I find this works in life as well."

Asma Kachwala
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"Six years ago, I became a cancer survivor who was told by a physiotherapist that I wouldn't walk normally again. I took that as a challenge and today with the help of @thepad and @shaaziaq I have not only been able to walk but also jog. I had extensive nerve damage on my left leg and Shaazia had helped me reawaken my once thought of dead nerves. I'm so grateful to have her be my guide in this journey."