Effectiveness of Pilates In Rehab

Pilates is today one of the most popular forms of exercise across the world. People from all walks of life have embraced it with open arms. The routine brings a lot to the table in terms of strength, stamina, fat loss, calorie-burning, stress alleviation, and calmness. But there is one area of effectiveness of Pilates that does not get the limelight enough. It is the effectiveness of Pilates for people in Rehabilitation. Many Pilates studios are seeing more and more clients come in to help with rehabilitation in Dubai and other parts of the world. Pilates is also a recommended form of exercise by most doctors and physical therapists.

So, what makes Pilates so effective in treating injuries and restoring your health?

Pilates and Rehab

Posture and Injuries

What we may not realize is that more than weakness, it is our posture that leads to a lot of muscle-related injuries. Improper posture exerts uneven pressure on our muscles, weakening them. That leaves you open to injury quite easily. Pilates holds posture and balance as one of the central principles in all its movement series. Pilates helps you strengthen your core through correct engagement and mindful movement. Such exercises even restructure the muscular organization and reduce your pain gradually.

Customized Therapy

If you’ve suffered from an injury, the first thing you do is go to a physical therapist who will help you rehabilitate your injury, feel stronger, and give you exercises specific to your injury to strengthen the injured area. This is a great way to START dealing with an injury. But what preventive measures do you take to ensure that the injury does not reoccur? In comes Pilates! Once your physical therapist and doctors have worked on the specific pain area, practicing Pilates will ensure that you are strengthening the entire body evenly so that the injured area does not take additional strain.

At The PAD, we look at the body as a whole and each session is a full body workout. Pilates privates can be customized as per our client’s conditions, as well as keeping in mind their fitness goals. At The PAD, clients have access to 8 different kids of equipment to help assist and aid them in finding how to correct their posture imbalances and ensure that they stay pain-free. We help you identify the weak points in your own body and work on strengthening them with the right movements.

Pilates - A Way of Living

People who take up Pilates with us as part of rehabilitation have realized that it does a lot more than heal them. Pilates becomes a way of living and makes good posture and balance almost muscle memory.

The PAD is one of the leading studios for Pilates for rehabilitation in Dubai. We work closely with each client and use certified techniques to relieve their pain (please note: we are NOT doctors or physical therapists – you may need one of the two for your specific injury. But we treat the body as a whole and are sometimes able to heal dysfunctional muscles through movement). Our instructors understand that rehabilitation is not just about healing from injuries but also preventing any future injury chances.

Call us today to know how we can help you heal.

Frequently asked questions

A lot of physiotherapists will have take a course on Pilates as a part of their study program. Pilates is one of the go-to tools of physiotherapists when it comes to movement and rehab. It works on your posture and teaches you how to move your body in an efficient way, making you more aware of your muscles. It is an excellent tool for rehab.
A lot depends upon the group you are doing Pilates with. If it is a group Pilates class focussed on individuals with the same injury as you, then that’s great (but also rare to find). Most practitioners will recommend that you start with Personal Training sessions, as this is the safest way to kick start your Pilates and fitness journey after an injury.
Absolutely. Pilates is great for people with injuries, as it helps your strengthen your injury area while working the rest of your body in a safe way. It will not only help to keep you in shape but can also reduce pain and prevent further injuries.
Since Pilates is a relatively low-impact form of exercise which aims to increase the flexibility of the body, it is considered safe to do, even while you are pregnant. Since it focuses on the core, it can help relieve the backaches, sore muscles, and can even aid in delivery!