Pilates For A Strong Body And Mind

Wouldn’t you like to wake up every morning and feel JUST AMAZING in your body? No aches and pains, just a bit of soreness in muscles that you didn’t even know existed! When you wake up and stretch suddenly you feel a dull but amazing ache in your mid back, and this actually makes you stand and walk taller!

All of us want to feel accomplished, strong and happy after our workouts – and this is exactly what you will feel after each Pilates class at The PAD.

Reformer Pilates – Dubai

The reformer is an equipment used in Pilates to provide stability and improve strength and support the body. It is the most widely used piece of Pilates equipment, and at The PAD, we offer Reformer Pilates for clients of different levels.

If you are trying Pilates for the first time, we recommend you come in to a Reformer INTRO class (this is a free trial class), so you can familiarize yourself with this ingenious equipment, before moving on to our Reformer Level 1 and then Level 2 classes.

Equipment Pilates – Dubai

Besides the Reformer, The PAD offers 6 different kinds of equipment:

- The Wunda Chair: which is a deceptively simple looking piece of equipment but will make you work VERY hard!

- The Bodhi: TRX suspension system meets Pilates in this awesome class! Get ready to fire up your core and work your body while it shifts out of balance.

- Cardiolates: Did anyone say jumping on a trampoline??? Yes please! In this awesome class, we dance to music while jumping on a trampoline and ensuring that we are maintaining all our Pilates principles so we don’t injure ourselves!

- The MOTR: This equipment is More Than A Roller! It looks like a Foam Roller, but the MOTR is a versatile piece of equipment that will get your heart rate up and challenge your balance like no other!

- The Cadillac: this is Instagram’s best friend. You can hang, lean, back bend and do all cool-looking things on this awesome equipment which you will find in many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities insta posts!

- The PediPul: this simple looking pole with 2 springs is amazing for bringing the spine back into alignment and working on posture while getting in a workout.


Pilates is a form of exercise that was invented by Joseph H. Pilates 102 years ago. Joe was born with asthma, rickets and rheumatism – he was a very weak child. He was self-motivated and decided to do whatever it took to cure himself. He learnt yoga, martial arts, boxing, gymnastics and many other forms of movement in great detail - and he actually cured himself! When he was in an internment camp in Britain during World War I, he insisted that everyone in his unit followed his exercise regimen, and for those who were injured and bed-ridden, he actually removed the springs from underneath their hospital beds, and used them as resistance weights to help them exercise.

Joe’s goal was to make his body move as efficiently as possible, while looking as fit and strong as possible. And that’s exactly what Pilates does. It makes your body move as efficiently as possible, while developing all your muscles evenly, giving a long and lean look to each body that practices Pilates.

The beauty of Pilates is that your previous exercise level does not matter. Whether you are new to exercising, or a sports person, or a cross fit addict, or a gym goer, Pilates will help you be better at whatever it is that you do.

At The PAD, we offer Mat Pilates as well as many types of Equipment Pilates to help you achieve the body you desire! But more importantly, it will make you FEEL better about your body than you’ve ever felt before!

Benefits of Pilates

With a regular Pilates practice at The PAD, you will experience yourself getting stronger in your core, your postural muscles, as well as in your breathing capacity. Two words the describe Pilates are “MINDFUL MOVEMENT” and each move in Pilates will force you to focus on engaging and activating specific parts of your body in ways that you never knew before!

Pilates does not build big, bulky muscles. It makes muscles stronger while stretching them as well, giving a long, lean look.

You will find yourself correcting your posture outside of class. You will hear your instructor’s cues of “shoulders back and down” while waiting in the elevator. And you will become extremely aware of the little muscles in your body that you never knew existed!

Pilates also improves your energy levels, blood circulation, and releases serotonin and dopamine to make you feel amazing at the end of each class. You will surely leave The PAD feeling like you’re walking taller!

The Pad Fitness - Best Studio for Pilates in Dubai

As one of the leading studios for Pilates in Dubai, we believe in unlocking the potential that exists within you. Our customized and well-crafted mat and reformer Pilates plans will make you look forward to working out every day. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and homely – and we promise to part of a community that will encourage and celebrate you and your body, everyday!

Pilates Lineages

Frequently asked questions

Pilates is a low-impact workout designed to increase flexibility to the body and strength to the core. It lays special emphasis on maintaining proper posture, and improving muscle balance.
Pilates classes are workout sessions organized by Pilates studios where you can enroll and do Mat, Reformer, Chair and other forms of Pilates. These classes have a professional trainer who teaches you the basics of each exercise and helps you do them in the most effective way.
The cost of a Pilates class depends entirely on the Pilates studio and often varies from one studio to the other. The cost of the class also depends on whether you are taking a private or a group class, the former being the more expensive one.
Though Pilates is a form of workout that focuses on building flexibility and muscle strength, it can be good for losing weight in the long run too. A lot of celebrities are known to do Pilates on a regular basis not only to maintain their shape, but also to regulate their weight.
The answer to this depends on the time you have in your hands and how much you are able to commit. In case you are someone who is active, then just a couple of sessions a week should do the trick. But, in case you are not that physically active, then you might have to do it more often to see the results.