Yasmin Karachiwala

Yasmin KarachiwalaThe PAD brings celebrity master instructor Yasmin Karachiwala’s mantra to the UAE. She is responsible for popularizing Pilates in India, as she was the first BASI certified Pilates instructor in India. She teaches Bollywood celebrities such as Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt, and is largely responsible for their dedication towards fitness. But the exceptionality of her brand does not come from the celebrities she teaches, but her drive to constantly learn more herself. She started her career with a course in the USA and earned her group fitness trainer certification from the ‘American Council of Exercise’. She founded her studio “Body Image” in Mumbai, India where she became popular when Kareena Kapoor Khan became her first celebrity client.

She would always get asked the best way to lose the stomach fat in interviews, and while researching answers to that, she stumbled upon a movement method called Pilates. She went back to the US in 2006 to become a BASI certified Pilates instructor and has been spreading Pilates across India since then.

For most people, this much knowledge is plenty. Considering she was already training big Bollywood names like Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Bipasha Basu, she could have enjoyed success and continued her work which was being highly appreciated. But she decided this was not enough, and in 2013 she took the next step of becoming a Master Instructor in Pilates. She is now teaching Pilates to individuals with a passion for fitness, and serving to create more good instructors in the Pilates world.

She didn’t stop there! She recently went to Arizona to learn the Fletcher Pilates system of movement and added that her list of schools too!

She is highly motivated, knowledgeable, vivacious, and spreads good energy everywhere she goes. Her eye for detail will leave you wondering how she saw you in a class full of 30 people, and she is as beautiful inside as she is outside!

She does not teach at The PAD full time. But she does come down once every couple of months to say hello to the clients of her franchise!

Shaazia Qureishi Kanchwala

Shaazia Qureishi KanchwalaShaazia was born into the same house as Yasmin! She is Yasmin’s niece (you’ll hear Yasmin say she’s not her niece but her daughter), and a certified Fletcher Pilates instructor. Shaazia was never into fitness growing up - even though Yasmin tried really hard to motivate her. She lived in Mumbai until the age of 25, trying to avoid going to the gym as much as she could, and going only to please Yasmin.

Once she got married and moved to Dubai in 2017, it was her husband who encouraged her to get fitter. It wasn’t to look good, but rather to feel good. What started as something to do with her husband, turned into something she began to enjoy. She told Yasmin that she wanted to start her franchise in Dubai, and that’s when Yasmin told her that it was essential she be a fully certified Pilates instructor. They went to Arizona, got certified in Fletcher Pilates, and together opened Yasmin Karachiwala’s The PAD.

Shaazia will teach you how to move each muscle to achieve the results you want, and her classes are a slow killer. She is the only certified Fletcher Pilates instructor in the U.A.E.

Abbas Ali Kanchwala

Abbas Ali KanchwalaAbbas Ali Kanchwala is Shaazia’s husband who was her motivation to get fitter. He was born and brought up in Kuwait, and has lived around the world - in the US, Mumbai and he has now settled down in Dubai. He studied Mechanical Engineering in Purdue University, where he was the President of the Purdue Indian Dance Club, which was a rage at the time. He had always loved to dance, but this took him to the next level. During college and even after, he planned, organized, choreographed and executed over 10 Sangeet performances for weddings of friends and family. They were all super hit performances.

He has always been into fitness, spending a couple of hours in the gym every evening before he got married. Once he got married, the free time on his hands reduced but he ensured he would get him and Shaazia to workout 4 times a week. He also opened his own trading company called ZVAH Power Solutions to utilize his Engineering knowledge, his sales experience and his Middle East expertise.

When the idea of opening a Pilates studio came up, Abbas was sure he wanted Dance to be a part of the mix. Shaazia loved the idea, as she strongly disliked other forms of cardio like walking and jogging, so dance was the perfect answer! Thus, the name the PAD was born.

Abbas and Shaazia run the studio with guidance from Yasmin, with lots of love, care and try to provide the best service in the cosiest environment to help people advance in their journey of fitness.

Rupesh Gaikwad

Rupesh GaikwadRupesh was a gym instructor teaching weight training, and himself training for body building competitions in India. He learnt about Pilates once he joined Yasmin Karachiwala's Body Image, and swears by Pilates ever since. He has been with Yasmin for over 8 years, and has learnt by observing, teaching and practicing over and over again. As he was also a massage therapist, he understands anatomy in great detail and knows how muscles interact, and therefore how to effectively work them, and creates workouts with his immense knowledge in mind. His classes are intense and fast paced, and you can be sure to break into a sweat at some point.


To transform the mind and the body by teaching the correct technique of movement.

We want to transform your mind and body by teaching you the correct technique of movement. When you feel movement in your body connected through your powerhouse, every kind of other activity you perform in life gets more connected. The way you move through life will change, the way you perceive your body will change. And your body will change as a bi-product of this evolution.