The PAD Fitness: Transforming Bodies, Transforming Lives

The PAD Fitness is a Pilates and dance studio situated in The Greens, Dubai. It is a franchise of Yasmin Karachiwala’s franchise of fitness studios and offers fitness programs that are aimed at improving your overall health. The studio offers various Pilates and dance programs along with personal trainers to take care of each and every member.

The PAD Fitness works with the vision of transforming both your mind as well as your body by making you more aware of yourself. The fitter you get, the more connected with your body you feel and consequently better connected with your life.

A Premium Fitness Studio in Dubai

Some of the things that make The PAD Fitness studio different from others are the dedicated programs the studio has on offer. Though The PAD Fitness specifically focuses on transforming your body by means of Pilates, it also offers Bollywood, Zumba, Contemporary, and other forms of dance classes. These programs ensure that not only you work out your body but do so in a fun and engaging way. You also get the option of working out with your partner or your child in some specially made programs.

The PAD Fitness is the only studio in the region that offers the Fletcher Pilates technique. Fletcher Pilates is a unique technique that builds upon Joseph Pilates’ principles of movement. It was invented by Ron Fletcher who was a trained dancer in Martha Graham’s work. Ron brought the precision and functionality of Pilates, to the flow and energy of Martha’s contemporary dance and invented Fletcher Pilates. It is very different from other forms of Pilates and will make you feel energetic, invigorated and ready for your day! The PAD Fitness has an experienced staff who can teach you the associated breathing techniques and help you maintain the right posture, relieve muscle tension, and facilitate movement.

Access to Latest State of the Art Equipment

One of the benefits you can avail of as a member of one of the best fitness centers in Dubai, The PAD Fitness is access to the latest equipment used in Pilates and related workouts. Not only can you enjoy Reformer Pilates, but also workout on six different kinds of Pilates machines. For these, The PAD Fitness offers equipment such as:

  • The Wunda Chair:Simple, yet capable of making you work out very very hard.

  • The Bodhi:Bodhi: TRX suspension method meets Pilates. The Bodhi challenges your body even more than the regular TRX as it has 4 points of suspension, rather than two!

  • Cardiolates:In this, you dance to music while jumping on a trampoline. Who said working out isn’t fun?

  • The MOTR:This looks like a foam roller but is much more than that. Balancing on it can be really challenging.

  • The Cadillac:You can do all the cool-looking things on it such as hanging, leaning back, etc. Perfect for the gram.

  • The Pedipul:It is a pole with a couple of springs that helps you to work on your posture.

Join Us Today!

We are there for anyone who wishes to make their bodies more flexible and their lives better. You can email, call us, or contact us on Whatsapp for more information. Additionally, you can check out Instagram and Facebook pages to access the community.

Frequently asked questions

While a gym is simply a place you can workout, a fitness centre is much more than a gym. Besides having machines and equipment for working out, a fitness centre also offers other fitness classes such as dance classes, Zumba, yoga, etc.
Ideally, the fitness centre for beginners should have well-trained instructors so that you get the proper training right from the start. The PAD Fitness is one such centre that has professional instructors training you on world-class equipment, helping you stay healthy and fit.
Since fitness centres offer you much more than just a gym, they are ideal for someone who wants to get fit, but not in the old fashioned way. They offer different types of fitness classes for you to choose from such as yoga, dance, Pilates, etc. So, you will never run out of options.
Fitness centres are the best places to not just lose weight, but to achieve an overall balance in the body. You don’t just need to restrict yourself to gym exercises. You can always try out the likes of Pilates, which help in attaining more balance in the body.