Dance Classes for adults and kids

Many of us shy away from adopting a new workout regime. There is a lot of apprehension before joining a gym or any fitness program. However, things have started to change. There are many more innovative workout programs available for us to experience the joy of exercise! Specifically, Bollywood dance classes and kids dance classes in Dubai have become the rage among people looking for fun and fitness.

Bollywood Dance is a style of dance that is fast-paced, energetic, choreographed and a lot of fun - irrespective of your skill level. At The PAD, we offer the following dance classes:

- Bollywood Level 1

- Bollywood Level 2

- Power Bhangra

- Contemporary

- Zumba

Benefits of Dance Classes for you and your Kids

Dance Classes for Adults

Fun and destressing

The quick steps and fun expressions make your body and mind forget you are working out and pushing yourself. The energetic dance steps get your heart pumping and give the much needed happy hormone boost. The pace and routine of it keep you engaged and away from stress.

Builds stamina

The music is playing, you’re learning your steps, the instructor is motivating you and you’re having a great time. You don’t even realize that your heart rate is 160 and you’re burning over 500 calories in one hour! You may be panting, but you’re having so much fun that you just don’t want to stop! Sounds like a great way to build stamina, doesn’t it? 😊

Benefits of Dance for Kids

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are some unique advantages of enrolling your child in a kids' dance class.

1. Memory - dance classes teach kids to remember a lot of steps, signs, routines with music. Doing this periodically improves their memory.

2. Agility - Dance involves a lot of improvisation, reacting to the music, and changing body movements as per instructions. Kids who excel in their dance classes end up becoming quick thinkers in adult life.

3. Teamwork - Even if it is a solo performance, every act requires a lot of helping hands. One dance performance is enough for your child to learn how to work as a team. That is a skill that will reap a lot of benefits in the future.

The PAD Fitness

The PAD team has some of the best dance instructors in the UAE. From Hardy Singh, the founder of Pure Bhangra, who teaches our Bhangra classes, to Shekhar Agarwal, a disciple of Ganesh Acharya, who teaches Bollywood, our team knows how to conduct fun and effective dance workout sessions that will help you hit the ground running for your fitness goals.

So, go find your dancing shoes and book a class with us today!

Words can't explain how fun our dance classes are... So here are some videos for you to see for yourself!