Corporate Pilates: Is it helpful?

It’s no secret that every company looks for ways to improve the productivity of its employees. But in these unprecedented times, it is not just about productivity. It is also about health along with productivity.

Corporate Pilates

Corporate Pilates is one of the latest trends that is becoming increasingly popular with both small as well as big companies in Dubai. Companies are fast accepting the fact that a healthy employee is a more productive employee. Unless your employee is healthy and satisfied, he won’t be able to give his best at work. The onus of increasing productivity lies not just with the employee but the employer as well.

Besides increasing productivity, corporate wellness brings with it a host of other benefits, which the employees can take advantage of by attending these workout sessions regularly. With people becoming more conscious about their health, it might actually be the right time to incorporate a corporate wellness program in your organisation.

What can it do for the employees?

This is a valid question to ask, considering this is something for the employees. Corporate Pilates can:

  • Promote Work-Life Balance: Most of the time, health and exercise take a backseat amidst all that work. By having a corporate wellness program, employees get to pay attention to their health without having to worry about their work. Hence, it can be great for their all-around development.
  • Improve Stress Management: A healthy individual will be better poised to manage the stress in his life. A healthy body houses a healthy mind, which is the key to wellness in life.
  • Get the Body and Mind Ready for Work: When someone has a work-life balance, he will naturally be in a better space to give his best at work, because he knows that he is getting cared for in return.
  • Corporate Pilates in Dubai
  • Reducing Absenteeism: Injuries are a major cause of absenteeism amongst employees. Though you cannot avoid injuries, you can certainly reduce the risk of it by incorporating pilates workouts in your corporate wellness program. Pilates is known for strengthening the muscles and injury rehabilitation. Hence, it can greatly help to reduce absenteeism arising out of injuries.
  • Promotes Movement: Employees spend a lot of their working hours - sitting at the desk. Long periods of sitting can adversely affect the posture and create issues in the spinal cord. Pilates can help maintain a proper posture and counter the negative effects of long periods of sitting.

The Best Corporate Wellness Program in Dubai

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