7 Reasons Why Every Pregnant Woman Should Try Pilates

There are several questions a woman faces when she is pregnant. One of the questions is whether she can continue exercising regularly or not. While not all exercises can be carried out during this period, there are always some workouts that one can do, such as Pilates.

During pregnancy, women go through a lot of changes that will require them to alter their day-to-day routine. But that does not mean that you can do nothing to stay fit. Pilates is one form of workout that is safe and suitable for all stages of pregnancy.

How? Let's have a look below.

Why Should You Do Pilates Even When You are Pregnant?

1. To Cope With Their Changing Body

The biggest change that occurs during pregnancy is that your stomach gets larger, and this completely changes your centre of gravity. When this happens, everything in the body gets affected, from your balance and stability to your gait (way of walking) as well as your posture. To help cope with these changes, Pilates comes to the rescue! As we work posture, balance and stability exercises in a safe and controlled environment, to-be mums are better equipped to deal with all the bodily changes!

2. To Improve Breathing

The recent pandemic has made the whole world aware of how important it is to breathe properly. While improving breathing might apply to everyone in general, it is much more important for pregnant women. Pilates makes you do diaphragm and abdominal release work that can lead to better breathwork. This improved breathing can help you stay calm and also promote a healthy flow of oxygen in your body.

3. To Strengthen the Mind

Mood changes are an integral part of pregnancy. Since you will be experiencing hormonal imbalance at this stage, it is important to do something to maintain that emotional stability.

Emotional instability can create a sense of anxiety in you, and stress hormones are not good for the baby! Pilates is a proven method not just to build core strength but to have a positive impact on the mind as well.

4. To Have a Workout of Your Own

There are no specific set exercises that you have to do in Pilates. The set of exercises can always be tailored according to one's requirements. Some women experience back pain, some knee pain and others (lucky ones) experience no pain at all! Your specialized instructor can modify your routine according to your needs and preferences and you can have a workout that is completely your own.

5. To Assist During Birth

Pilates promotes movement of the pelvic floor. Whether it's squeezing it, or releasing it, your body needs both! While your baby is growing inside of you, your pelvic floor needs to be strong to support the little one, and during the birthing process, you need to be able to relax your pelvic floor and allow the baby to come out! Pre- and post-natal Pilates specialists will be able to help you control your pelvic floor, and keep the other muscles, like your abdominals and legs really strong so you can float through the birthing process!

6. To Strengthen the Abdominal Muscles

The release of the relaxin hormone can certainly impart flexibility to your body. But this flexibility can come at a price. Flexibility of ligaments can make you more prone to lower back and pelvic pain. Pilates can help strengthen your abdominal muscles to counter this effect.

7. To Help With Fetal Blood Supply

Pilates for pregnant women is highly beneficial because it promotes healthy blood supply to the fetus. By promoting a healthy supply of blood and oxygen to the pelvic region, Pilates can help in keeping your child healthy inside your womb.

Pilates With The PAD Fitness

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